I am the result of many passions  of digital creativity.
My name is Leonardo Bigliazzi, I like to instill emotions, and this can happen through a graphic, a video or a sound.

My first passion was graphics and photo editing, skills I have always continued to improve. After that I fell in love with the power of video, in all its nuances.

I’ve worked with agencies and national TV stations, as a graphic designer, video operator and motion designer.

With my first brand, Leoncast, I met the world of electronic dance music, with whom I created many artworks and videos for many Italian artists and agencies.

I’ve had fun with Radio FM, TV stations, music agencies, music labels, famous artists and private companies. 

I am an expert user of Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, After effects and Audition, with which I take out all my ideas.

I thrive on projects where I can apply my knowledge and expertise across several roles taking on the responsibilities of art director in a personal and productive way. This makes for an effective cohesion of ideas from concept through to the final product.

Graphics, videos and music are art and I love so much art. 


Oh, I almost forgot, in my free time I try to create lots of cool things.


© 2018 Leonardo Bigliazzi 

E-mail: leonardo@leonbliz.com  Tel 334.9766802 - P.IVA 02284120512